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How to submit English & Chinese resumes on your own?
After registration and login, you can choose to fill out your resume in English or Chinese. After completion, click “Next”. You will see 4 options: human translation, translate myself, AI translation, and preview now. Human translation is a premium option, employing expert translators and editors to produce a top-notch resume. This is a good option for serious job-seekers who need help with translation. If you’re able to translate yourself, go ahead and select “translate myself”. You can also select “AI translation” and then make corrections yourself. You can also select “preview now” to take a look at your resume before translating it.
How do I share my resume online?
In the user center, select “public resume”. After review, your resume will update to public status. In the future if you’d like to remove your resume from public view, just toggle the “Do Not Disturb”option. Next, go to “Preview Resume”. At the bottom of the preview page, click “Link” to copy your resume’s URL for sharing. Click “Share” to post your multilingual resume on social media. Note: Resumes on the share page do not list contact information. Only downloaded resumes include contact info.
How to Choose a Resume Template
All you need to do is fill out the basic information, then select a template style in the Preview Resume page. Then you can share or download your new resume template!
How do I book interpreters, voiceovers, or other language services?
Most of the interpreters and voiceover artists have samples you can listen to before placing an order. If a booking falls through due to the provider’s scheduling conflict, you can request a refund or rebook.