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Bilingual CV Service

Creating a bilingual CV can be challenging, but it opens up a new world of opportunities for international job seekers. Our website provides a platform for applicants like you to generate a bilingual CV either on your own, or with the help of our expert translators. You can post your CV here, or download it and share. You can even upload pictures, and sound files to display alongside your CV.

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How to become a service provider

In order to enhance efficiency, come-i.com has chosen standardized professions which can be measured by work-hours, such as translators, tour guides, hosts, coaches, speakers, actors, teachers etc.
Each expert has their own calendar, and can freely update their availability in the service center. Employers can instantly book any expert on the calendar without wasting time on negotiation or scheduling.
Our website lists the experts’ detailed information, including audio, as well as reviews. It’s easy to review an expert’s profile and quickly decide whether they’re right for the job.